4shared 3.0.18

Upload, download, share

4shared is a file sharing service that allows you to upload pictures, videos, apps, and audio that can then be searched for and accessed by other users, as well as download files from a public database. View full description


  • Huge library of files
  • Syncs across a variety of devices
  • Upload files on your phone with ease


  • Basic user interface
  • Risk of being overtaken by more user friendly services


4shared is a file sharing service that allows you to upload pictures, videos, apps, and audio that can then be searched for and accessed by other users, as well as download files from a public database.

Search and share

The app is similar to other file storage services like Dropbox in that it gives you a way to upload files to the cloud, access them across multiple devices, and enable shared access with friends or colleagues. This works on a Windows PC, Mac, and even a web-based app.

But where 4shared is different, is that it gives you access to the whole catalog of public files uploaded by users of the service - not just ones your friends have decided to share with you. On the flip side, you can also upload your files and share them publicly.

Once you've downloaded files from 4shared you can sync them across all your devices, allowing you to share them with your friends not on the service.

4shared's search is a powerful feature, as it allows you to define parameters, such as when the file was uploaded, the size of it, and the format.

Basic user interface

If you already have a 4shared account for the web service, all you have to do is login to this Android version with the same credentials. If this is your first time using 4shared, simply inputting your email address and setting a password in-app will create you an account for you, which you can then also use to access the browser version.

The app's interface is pretty basic and sparse, especially the search results which appear in a text based list - no icons or images here. The adverts under the search menu are annoyingly intrusive and there isn't any way to make them go away.

Reliable if not innovative service

4shared is a reliable way to share files across devices (publicly and with friends), as well as access files from a huge public catalog - so it's pretty likely the database will have whatever you are looking for. However, with a plethora of other similar services out there, it faces the danger of becoming outdated and thus obsolete, as its competitors produce more visually attractive apps that provide a richer experience.

View, edit and share your files via 4shared.

Free mobile app 4shared for Android - a convenient and fast way to access your account at 4shared.com, including all documents, photos, music, etc. directly from your Android device when necessary.

A handy feature "General Search" allows you to search for and find the necessary files to a large file-based 4shared.com, define different filters (date of loading, size, type, etc.) to obtain more accurate results. Anyone found the file so you can add yourself to your account.

With 4shared for Android you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, upload and download any files from your account at 4shared.com on your smartphone or tablet to share them with colleagues, family, friends.

4shared for Android allows you to:

• Get fast and easy access to over 30 million files.

• Find the necessary files on 4shared.com option with instant uploads of files found in your account.

• Edit the contents of your account at 4shared.com, listen to music and watch videos directly on your Android device .

• Share files from your account through the app.



4shared 3.0.18

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