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Share your music, videos and files online

4Shared is an online file sharing service that will let you have up to 10 MB of free space.

Sharing online is fun, but once you get over a certain size limit, sending things by instant messenger or even email becomes a little unmanageable. File sharing services like DropBox and Megaupload help you get around this problem by letting you store your media virtually (“in the cloud”), sharing it on Twitter, Facebook or your blog or just giving your friends access if you choose. 4Shared is another one of these services.

One of the best things about 4Shared is how easy the sign up is – an email address, password and you’re in. The interface looks a lot like Windows Explorer, so most users will find it very easy to figure out. There also seems to be good help resources for 4Shared, as well as easily-accessible user support. There are other ways of accessing 4Shared too - there's a desktop version for both Windows and Mac.

Uploading your files is really simple – just pick the file and hit upload. Each individual file is limited to 2047 MB, but the speed, obviously, depends on your internet connection. Once uploaded, 4Shared has more sharing options than you can imagine, from embedding and social media to security and updating. 4Shared also has good settings, letting you change everything from skins to your privacy settings.

4Shared isn’t the slickest sharing app around, but it does the job perfectly.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Very fast, easy registration
  • Various skins
  • Lots of sharing options
  • Good help


  • Not very attractive

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4Shared for Web Apps

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    yes show box .
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